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MSBTE Code :0018/1567

Government Polytechnic, Jalgaon

शासकीय तंत्रनिकेतन, जळगांव

(An Institute of Government Of Maharashtra)
Since 1960

About Gymkhana

Gymkhana section is established since beginning of institute . To keep pace with the academic development of the students, institute strives for the all-round development of students through various curricular and extra-curricular activities. Gymkhana is the regulatory body governing all sports, cultural and extra-curricular activities at G P Jalgaon. Gymkhana plays pivotal role in overall development of students. It gives platform to students to showcase their talent in sports and cultural event. Gymkhana activities help to improve skills like dedication, involvement, balance and leadership.
For effective implementations of various activities related to sports and cultural , this section has a well defined organization structure. Principal of the institute is by post is PRESIDENT of gymkhana. At the commencement of each Academic year one head of dept./senior faculty is nominated as VICE President of gymkhana along with 3 to 5 teaching staff members . For documentation and stock related activities one or two Class 3 ( tech /lab assistant ) with one /two class IV are nominated.
Students of all departments take active participation in various activities conducted through Gymkhana. Gymkhana provides facilities for major games like Volleyball, Kabaddi, Kho-kho, Football, etc. at the institute playground. Facilities for indoor games like carrom and chess are made available to the students.
This steering committee of Gymkhana mainly performs following activities:

  • Calling Class representatives nominations from Head of departments . This is as per academic performance .
  • Formation of Student council for the academic year.
  • Keeping liaison with IDESSA ( Inter Diploma Engineering students Sports Authority) Headquarter. Presently it is at G P Pune.
  • Keeping liaison with IDESSA Zonal center. Presently G P Jalgaon is in F Zone and F Zone center is at J M Polytechnic Shahada .
  • Prorata fee payment. As per approved fee structure from each admitted candidate Rs 200/- collected as Gymkhana fee by office and deposited to PLA account. All expenses are borne from amount collected in this PLA account.
  • For various Sports activities under IDESSA , staff members are nominated and they work as Team Managers
  • Gymkhana section make available all required things for sports , If required external coach or ground / court is also made available.
  • Selected teams are allowed to participate at zonal and state level . For this all expenses are done by Gymkhana section.
  • Along with these, Gymkhana section promotes all type of sport activities for students even anyone is participating through any sport club etc.
  • All sort of cultural activities and many social activities are continuously planned and executed .

Gymkhana Activities

Zonal Basketball winner girls 2023-24


Zonal Badminton winner boys 2023-24


Zonal Vollyball runnerup 2023-24


Zonal Kabaddi winner Girls 2023-24


Zonal Football winner boys 2023-24"


Zonal Table Tennis winner boys 2023-24"


Zonal Table Tennis winner Girls 2023-24"